What are booksies.net’s Seller Guidelines?

In addition to our general user guidelines, the following rules apply when you share and sell content on booksies.net:

Be a good member. In addition to these Seller Guidelines, it’s important that you follow our general User Guidelines.

Follow our content guidelines.  Booksies.net is a place where authors and creators buy, and sell e-book and other related materials in bundles. These guidelines provide information on the types of resources that we currently support. Don’t post resources that fall outside of these guidelines.

Set and honor your prices.  How you price your resources is up to you. We do not set a minimum price and you will not be able to price any resources below the minimum price. You must, however, offer the full material advertised in your e-book listing for the price listed, and you cannot require members to pay any additional fees to access your e-books or bundles. You may not charge more on booksies.net for an e-book that is offered for free or less elsewhere.

Be accurate and honest.  The booksies.net platform is built on trust. You should only sell e-book that you’ve produced or have full permission to sell. Make sure your e-book is complete and accurate. Don’t be misleading about what your e-book is or includes. It’s your responsibility to ensure that the titles, descriptions, and other materials in your e-book bundles are truthful, accurate and free of mistakes and other issues.

Maintain accessibility and fix technical issues.  By offering e-book for sale through our Services, you agree to provide undisrupted access to your e-books to members who have purchased them. Each e-book file you link or upload to our service must be complete, fully accessible, and in working condition at all times. This means, if any part of your e-book content is hosted on another platform or relies on a third party service, you must maintain third party content at all times. You may not require the purchase of any additional software or equipment not listed as required in your resource description. You may not require the purchase, subscription, or registration of an account with any other websites or services to access your full e-book or bundles.

Respect intellectual property rights.  Your e-books must only contain material that you own the rights to (copyright, trademark, and other rights) or that you have the legal right to use  and sell or resell commercially. When you upload an e-book to our service, you represent and warrant to us and to members who may use your e-books that you have the necessary rights to use all of the content you include in your e-books, that neither booksies.net nor any member will have to obtain a license or pay royalties to any third parties, and that the intended use of your e-books by booksies.net or a member will not infringe on anyone’s rights (including copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights, personality, publicity, or privacy rights). Booksies.net has adopted a policy in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. We will remove resources that are identified in a valid legal notice as infringing and we’ll close the accounts of Sellers who repeatedly violate this rule.

Don’t direct Users to alternative sales channels. Booksies.net should not be used as a way to drive traffic to another website or business. You may not include hyperlinks to alternative sales channels such as another online marketplace or e-commerce site where your resources can be purchased.

Follow our feedback guidelines. You can find them here. Don’t do anything that undermines the integrity of our feedback system. It’s important that feedback is honest, truthful, and fair.

Still have questions? Contact us on the Contact Page, or send an email at shine@booksies.net.