Ratings & Reviews Guidelines for Sellers

At booksies, we’re a community of authors and creators. The Ratings & Reviews system is your chance to interact with your Buyers.

To make sure everyone benefits from this system, please take a look at our guidelines:  

  • If you invite your Buyers to review your e-books, optimize for quality over quantity.
  • Encourage reviews that offer an honest reflection of a Buyer’s experience with your e-book, whether it is positive or negative.  A constructive review, even if it’s negative, can help you understand where improvements may be needed. It also helps Buyers understand whether a e-book is right for them.
  • When your Buyers ask you questions in their reviews, use this chance to engage with them. Timely, thoughtful responses go a long way in creating loyalty and demonstrating a commitment to strong customer service.
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated. E-books are personal creations. If a review rubs you the wrong way, give yourself some time before you respond. You’ll want your best professional self to shine through each and every time you respond. Providing good customer service is also an excellent opportunity to really help your store stand out and attract new Followers!

Again, please know that it’s OK for buyers to leave negative reviews. This means we typically won’t remove a review unless it’s in violation of our policies. If you are concerned that a review left in your store could be a violation, you’re welcome to reach out to us.

Still have questions? Contact us on the Contact Page, or send an email at shine@booksies.net.