Ratings & Reviews Guidelines for Buyers

At booksies.net, we’re a platform of authors and creators. When it comes to reviewing an e-book, we believe that honest, constructive, reviews — positive or negative — go a long way toward helping improve your experience on booksies.net.

Detailed reviews help other buyers understand if an e-book is right for them. It also helps hardworking Sellers understand what about their e-book led to a great experience and where they might make improvements.

To make sure everyone benefits from the Ratings & Reviews system, please take a look at our guidelines for use:

  • Leave reviews after you’ve had a chance to read the e-book. The more specific your review is, the more impact it will have in helping future Buyers decide if the e-book is right for them and helping Sellers understand what about their resource works. Constructive reviews are welcome as long as they’re delivered respectfully.
  • If you’re having a technical problem (e.g. trouble opening your purchase, difficulty printing or downloading your resource), reach out to the Sellers. And when in doubt, you can always reach out to booksies.net, we’re more than happy to help. Technical issues should not be reflected in your review.
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Still have questions? Contact us on the Contact Page, or send an email at shine@booksies.net.