Inappropriate Content Policy is host to a global community of e-book authors and creators. We believe that diversity in backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints is an essential part of what makes our platform special. To ensure that the booksies platform remains a source for content where all users feel respected and safe, there are certain types of content that are not ok to post on, even when done with good intentions.

We ask that you not post content that intentionally or unintentionally:

  • Trivializes traumatic experiences (e.g. slavery, the Holocaust, Syrian civil war, Hurricane Katrina).
  • Disrespects, discriminates, or has the effect of marginalizing the experiences, lives, or beliefs of others.
  • Contains pornographic or obscene imagery or language or is otherwise inappropriate for the intended age group.

In the event that this content comes to our attention, it will be sent to our team for consideration. If your content is found to be in violation of our policies, you may be asked to revise or remove it. If there are multiple violations of these guidelines, we may close your store.

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