What’s the best way to post a bundle on Booksies?

Bundles can be a great way to package your e-books and offer your Buyers a discount on purchases with multiple components.

Posting a bundle for sale is the same was as you would post a single e-book;

  1. Create a zipfile and place all products in the zip file.
  2. Go to your Seller Dashboard.
  3. Click “Add new e-book”.
  4. Fill out the fields on the page.
  5. You’ll need to confirm that you have the copyright or permission to sell all materials in the bundle.
  6. Click the “Create e-Book” button.

Be clear in your descriptions. It’s important that all buyers know what is included in each bundle. This will help buyers make an informed purchase decision, and understand what content they may have already purchased from you in the past.

Be aware of booksies’s refund policy. Under booksies’s refund policy, we’ll approve a refund request for a Buyer who has purchased “duplicate” material, as long as the initial purchase was made within the last year. This includes refunding a Buyer’s original purchase of content that is included in a subsequent bundle purchase. Before we approve a refund, we’ll verify that the previously purchased resource or resources are part of the purchased bundle. If we’re not able to make that verification on our own based on your bundle’s product description, we’ll reach out to you for clarification. In order to ensure timely resolution, we’ll need to hear back from you within 24 hours.

Be conscious of your pricing. Your work is valuable! Discounting for bulk purchases is a great way to attract educators, but be careful of overly discounting your bundles. Also remember that booksies will refund Buyers for duplicate purchases within one year, so folks may buy a bundle and then ask for a refund on previous individual resource purchases to get the overall bundle discount.