What types of Seller accounts are offered on Booksies?

Booksies offers the following Seller Membership options. All members can make purchases and download free Resources from the Booksies Marketplace. Only Sellers can upload, share, and sell Resources. The Marketplace Payout Rate, Fees, and features that apply to each Seller Membership type are detailed below. The Marketplace Payout Rates specified in the table below apply only to sales taking place on the Booksies Marketplace and do not apply to Resources accessed through Booksies School Access which is addressed in our Booksies School Access Supplementary Terms for Sellers. This Seller Fees and Payout Rates policy is incorporated as part of our Terms of Service. For more information about payouts for Booksies School Access, please visit Booksies University.

Teacher-Authors (Sellers): 


If you’re an entity offering content you didn’t personally author, you’re welcome to register for a limited access self-service Booksies Publisher Membership. There is no annual fee for this type of account, and sales made through the Booksies Marketplace are split 50/50. Publisher Members are also able to participate in the Booksies School Access Catalog as eligible (see the link in the table above). See here for more details and rates on Publisher Memberships.