How do I sell on Booksies? is a marketplace for e-books & their bundles (e-books and related materials). Once you register for a Seller account, you can start posting e-books to your store. You can set your own prices, offer promo codes, and explore ways to promote and market your store. We take care of processing orders for you and help with customer support.

Setting Up Your Store

Your catalog will exist at a unique store URL that’s created when you sign up as a Seller. You’ll be able to personalize your store page by uploading a profile image or logo, telling your visitors about yourself and your experience, adding a store banner and so on. Start uploading e-books. At any time, you can edit your listings, alter the titles and descriptions, change your prices, and swap in revised versions of your e-books.

How We Pay You

You can withdraw all earnings from from your Account Dashboard. You can keep track of your sales and earnings in real time from your Seller Dashboard and your Sales Details Report.

We will also make our monthly payouts via Paypal or Stripe. For this, please ensure that your payment details are correct.

If you need more help, Contact Us or send us an email at