How do I add a banner to my store?

First, create the graphic that you want to use. For column banners (vertical), we recommend that they be 160 by 200 pixels. For leaderboards (horizontal), the best size is 718 by 90 pixels.

Then go to your Dashboard and click on the “Marketing” tab. Next, click “Customize” (it’s under the icon of the magic wand!)

Upload and attach your files, and then the URL of the product page that you want your banner to link to. Only URLs to booksies product pages are allowed. As long as your URL meets this requirement, your new banner will go live when you click “Save.”

If you’re looking for more tips and tricks on creating your booksies Store banner, you can often find useful advice in the Seller’s Forum. Browse relevant threads there, do a search of existing comments, or ask a question. Other Sellers often have the answer you need! (You must be logged in as a Seller to access this area of the site.)