Can I offer e-books that are hosted on a third party site?

What happens if you want to sell e-books that are hosted outside of It’s OK to host your e-books through a third party site in the following cases:

  • If the file is large (for example; bundles)
  • If the resource consists of streaming content
  • If the e-books come with a video

To list your resource as a product, the e-book should have restricted access and not be composed of content that is available for free or a lower price somewhere else. We also request that you don’t include links to points of sale on other commercial sites.

Important note: If you choose to host your e-books elsewhere, you should explain in the product description that the resource is stored on another system, so members will know what to expect.

Choosing a hosting provider:

If you decide to provide a resource by third party delivery, it is especially important to remember that Booksies need to be able to access their purchased e-books at any time, and retain access to these e-books even if a Seller removes e-books from active listing. This means that you’ll need to choose a third-party file hosting provider that will remain stable over the long term (i.e. no expiring download links), or keep your access instructions up-to-date if you move the e-books to another system. The most commonly used third-party providers are Dropbox and Google Drive.

Make sure your file has clear and easy to find instructions for accessing your e-books on the third-party system. Your file should include an active link to the third-party site or instructions that can be easily followed by the Buyer. Remember, Booksies are able to download their purchased e-books at any time to any location, even if the e-books is no longer for sale. You can include your store and credits/copyright information in the file as well.

File formats:

You can use any of our accepted formats, as long as the access instructions are kept current and easy to follow.


As long as you keep your audio/video streams private and up-to-date, you can use YouTube or other streaming audio/video sites for your third-party downloads. Keep in mind that Booksies should not be required to pay to access audio/video that is broken or publicly available.

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