Booksies Content Guidelines

Booksies is a marketplace for e-books and their related bundles that may include;

  • activity sheets
  • lesson plans
  • printables
  • audio or musical resources
  • instructional videos

This list is not exhaustive and we aim to be as inclusive as possible, so don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s something you think we should add to this list.

There are also a few things that aren’t appropriate for Booksies. They include;

  • Infringing e-books. Don’t post e-books that aren’t your original work (your work has to be your own).
  • Inappropriate Content. Please make sure that the content you’re posting to is respectful of our platform.
  • Services and related good. Products whose primary purpose is non e-books related aren’t allowed on
  • Duplicate Listings. Each e-books can be listed only once on Booksies unless the e-books come in bundles.
  • Resources requiring additional steps to gain access. All digital resources should be accessible and downloadable directly from Booksies unless the file exceeds our limit. In that case, the downloadable e-books may include a link to a third party hosting site. Buyers should not be required to give their email addresses or other personal information in order to gain access to digital purchases. For more on third party hosting, you can take a look at our policy here.
  • Resources directing Buyers to another sales channel. Don’t post resources that link to other online retailers or e-commerce sites.
  • e-Books with inconsistent prices. You’re welcome to offer your work in other online retail outlets and marketplaces, but it’s important that your Booksies Buyers are not being charged a higher price or being charged for something that you’ve posted for free somewhere else.

If you need more help, Contact Us or send us an email at